Concrete Test Cylinder Molds

Concrete Test Cylinder MoldsMeets ASTM and ASSHTO Standards
Plastic Injection Molded
Large and Small Lipped Molds
Standard Colors: Black and Gray
Quantity/Carton 6 X 12 (20), 4 X 8 (36), 3 X 6 (90)
No Minimum Carton Quantity

Compression Pads and Retainers

compression padsNeoprene Pads

Pads are made of 1/2″ thick high grade neoprene rubber and are reusable for more then 100 tests

Available in 3″, 4″ and 6″ diameter with hardness of 50, 60 and 70 durometer


Pad Retainers

Made of high quality tool steel

The internal and external bearing surfaces are machined parallel to within .002

Plated for high resistance to scratching and corrosion

Concrete Slab Moisture Test Kit

For determining the moisture acceptability of floor covering and coating on concrete slab surfaces.

Cube Molds

2” Cube Mold, 3 gang

Transfer Case – 8 Stations

Concrete Transfer CaseFor transferring concrete molds from the site to the test lab
Holds (8) 4″ X 8″ concrete cylinders
Made from high grade plastic material will not deteriorate or corrode
Heavy plastic construction for long durability
Reinforced large handles for ease of handling
Light Weight – 2.20 lbs.

Grout Testing Box

Grout Box

Used for testing as well as transporting the grout samples from the site to the lab.

Replaces the old, time consuming method of using 12 masonry bricks and with less effort.

The four individual compartments are made with a stiff corrugated material to keep grout samples as square as possible and are designed for ease of assembly.

Retains the moisture similar to the concrete block method.

Produces four individual grout samples.

Digital Field Scale


Digital Field Scale

Scale and Carrying Case weight only 17 lbs. – Ideal for field weighing applications.

Capacities and readability – 75 lbs. x .02 lbs., 165 lbs. x .05 lbs. and 330 lbs. x .1 lbs.

Carrying Case included with scale.

Packaged for easy field portability, these compact digital scales all feature; four selectable weighing units of lb/Kg/oz/lb:oz with full capacity tare range, a 12” square stainless steel platform for added stability when weighing large containers, remote indicator with large 1” high LCD display for easy reading, water resistant keypad with gross, net-weight, tare and on/off function keys, hold function, RS-232 output and push button calibration using external mass. Scale can be operated with 6 AA batteries of AC power adapter.
Kit includes: scale, hard plastic carrying case with fitted foam interior and shoulder strap, AC power adapter and wall mounting kit for display unit.

4″ X 8″ Concrete Plastic Curing Rack

Plastic Curing RacksSpecifically designed and manufactured for long lasting use.

Will withstand the humid conditions of the curing room and the wear created by the abrasive surface of the concrete samples.


Proven to be a cost savings over other storage methods.


Made with a special compounded plastic material for the high strength & resistance to humidity, wear and temperature variations.

Assembled with rust resistant screws Handles for ease of handling

Each rack hold (4) 4″ X 8″ concrete samples

Weight of (1) rack with (4) samples – 37lbs

Recommended storage height – 12 tiers high (58″)

Shipped assembled 6 / ctn. (wt 14lbs & 12 /ctn. (wt (29lbs)

Color – Black only


Variety of different types for a variety of different uses.

Pressure Meter

Pressure MeterThe meters lid features a smooth sloped top so water and concrete wipes right off. By eliminating the cavities in the lid that trap and hold concrete, maintenance and repair problems are greatly reduced.

The meters handles not only make it easier to carry, they also help to eliminate the maintenance problems caused by carrying the meter by its gauge. Plus they make it more convenient to use the meters bucket as a ¼ cu. ft. unit weight measure.

  • Meter is easier to keep clean – with smooth sloped lid, water and concrete roll right off.
  • Meter is easier to carry – bucket has large sure grip handles.

Kit includes: Meter, plastic carrying case, tamping rod, strike-off bar, syringe, calibration equipment and operating instructions. Meets ASTM C-231 specifications.

Stripping Tool

Used for stripping the concrete molds from the plastic container molds.