Concrete Curing Rack



4" X 8" Concrete Plastic Curing Rack

Specifically designed and manufactured for long lasting use.

Will withstand the humid conditions of the curing room and the wear created by the abrasive surface of the concrete samples.


Proven to be a cost savings over other storage methods.


ü Made with  a special compounded plastic material for the high strength & resistance to humidity, wear and temperature variations.

ü Assembled with rust resistant screws Handles for ease of handling

ü Each rack hold (4) 4" X 8" concrete samples

ü Weight of (1) rack with (4) samples - 37lbs

ü Recommended storage height - 12 tiers high (58") 

ü    Shipped assembled 6 / ctn. (wt 14lbs & 12 /ctn. (wt (29lbs)

 ü   Color - Black only

Curing Rack Room

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Curing Rack Close Up

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